Product Guide - Wall & Water Heaters

Gas Wall Heaters
Wall heaters are an economical way of heating a home without central heating or as additional heat in cold areas such as stairs, landings and conservatories. They require a suitable outside wall through which passes a balanced flue approximately 6 inches in diameter. This flue pipe provides air for the gas to burn and expels the products of combustion (fumes) to the outside.

A CORGI registered installer should be consulted before ordering a wall heater to confirm that the desired installation location is suitable.

Gas Water Heaters
Gas water heaters provide hot water instantaneously without the need for hot and cold water storage tanks. Two types are available; single point heaters are for use in kitchens and bathrooms for over the sink use; multipoint heaters supply hot water to the whole house from a central location.

Single point heaters do not need a flue as they are designed to operate for only short periods of time (maximum of 5 minutes). There must be an openable window in the room in which they are installed and depending on the size of the room, an air vent.

Multipoint water heaters incorporate a balanced flue and need in most cases to be sited on an outside wall. The heater automatically ignites when a hot tap is opened to provide hot water instantaneously. The heater and balanced flue terminal are supplied separately as it is sometimes possible when replacing an existing older model water heater to reuse the existing balanced flue terminal. Some models of heater use a fan assisted balanced flue that allows installation up to 3m away from an outside wall.

Please remember that installing gas appliances is not a DIY job. All gas appliances must be installed by a qualified CORGI registered engineer.

The information given here is a guide only. To confirm suitability of any gas product you should employ a CORGI registered engineer to conduct a site survey and report. The return of an unsuitable product that is not faulty will incur a handling and carriage charge. See our terms and conditions for further details.

This document is copyright Gasflair 2003 and cannot be reproduced in part or whole without the express permission of the author.

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