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Welcome to the Gasflair Product Guide. Please remember that installing gas appliances is not a DIY job. All gas appliances must be installed by a qualified CORGI registered engineer.

The information given here is a guide only. To confirm suitability of any product to work correctly with your flue or chimney you should employ a CORGI registered engineer to conduct a site survey and report. We recommend that you have your flue checked prior to ordering, as the return of an unsuitable product that is not faulty will incur a handling and carriage charge. See our terms and conditions for further details.

Please note that due to difficulties in transporting Marble, Firesuites and Mantels without damage we may not be able to deliver to all parts of the country. Please telephone or email us before placing an order to confirm that delivery is available in your area. You may of course collect from any of our Showrooms by prior arrangement.

Most our mantels are delivered assembled and are not of a 'flat pack' design. We recommend that you visit one of our showrooms to view our range if you need to be sure of the exact colours of wood stains. Colour reproduction on screen can vary from that of the actual product.

Marble fireplaces are delivered in a number pieces and need to be assembled by a competent tradesman.

Mantels, unless otherwise specified are supplied with a 1 inch rebate (they will accommodate a standard marble back panel thickness of 20mm). All mantel and marble dimensions are approximate sizes and some slight variation can be expected.

Unless otherwise stated all marble hearths measure 54 inches wide by 15 inches deep by 2 inches high (approx). They are supplied 'boxed and lipped'; the base of the hearth is slightly smaller than the top creating a lipped effect on the top edge. Marble back panels measure 37 inches by 37 inches and come with a cut out in the marble of 16 inches wide by 22 inches high. They are in one piece and are only suitable for use with gas and electric fires- not solid fuel fires

Micro Marble
Micro marble is manufactured from crushed natural marble pieces compacted together with a resin and then polished. It has an even consistency in colour and like natural marble is cool to the touch.

Conglomerate Marble
Conglomerate marble is manufactured from larger pieces of natural marble compacted together with a resin and then polished. It contains a greater variation of size and colour than micro marble and like natural marble is cool to the touch.

Please note that marble is a natural product and every piece will be different. Slight flaws in the marble surface and the use of specialist marble filler is common and is not classed as a defect in the product. Marble must be examined on delivery to the customer. Any defects or breakages must be brought to the attention of the delivery driver. No claims for defect or damage can be entertained after you have accepted delivery of your marble.

Electric Firesuites
Electric firesuites are an easy way to install a new fireplace and fire without extensive installation costs. They consist of a mantel piece; back panel and hearth in one unit that can be positioned just like a piece of furniture. Some models even include an electric fire; others allow you to 'mix and match' the fires. The firesuite is designed to take the full depth of the fire so it can be fitted flat against a wall; no recess is required. The back panel and hearth is usually made from wood or laminate, not marble. They are only suitable for use with an electric fire. An electric point is required within 1.8m of the firesuite to provide power to the fire.

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