Product Guide - Central Heating

Gasflair Showrooms can supply and install boilers and full central heating systems to the highest standards. Every installation comes with a full 1 year guarantee and the option to extend this annually through our Repair Protection Plan.

Central heating installations can only be carried out in the areas covered by our Showrooms.

Use the 'Showrooms' tab at the top of this page to see the location of our Showrooms.

A general description of the types of boilers available are summarised below:

Gas Fire Back Boilers
These boilers fit inside the chimney breast of a Class 1 flue and have a gas fire attached to the front. Hot and cold water storage tanks are needed with this type of boiler.

Conventional Boiler
These use a balanced flue for improved efficiency and fit to or near an outside wall. Hot and Cold water storage tanks are needed for this type of boiler.

Combination Boiler
A 'Combi' provides instantaneous hot water and capacity to heat radiators. A combi system does not require hot and cold storage tanks. As the boiler produces hot water on demand you never run out of hot water.

Condensing Boiler
This is an extra high efficiency boiler available in conventional and combination versions. It attains higher efficiency by extracting additional heat from the hot flue gasses that normally escape to the outside through the flue in a traditional boiler.

Please remember that installing gas appliances is not a DIY job. All gas appliances must be installed by a qualified CORGI registered engineer.

The information given here is a guide only. To confirm suitability of any gas product you should employ a CORGI registered engineer to conduct a site survey and report. The return of an unsuitable product that is not faulty will incur a handling and carriage charge. See our terms and conditions for further details.

This document is copyright Gasflair 2003 and cannot be reproduced in part or whole without the express permission of the author.

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